Greg Kelly Songs

The CD Broken Windows


I’m a bit of a late bloomer. I’ve been writing songs for quite a number of years now, but I’ve never done anything with them. I’ve always been afraid to perform live, but when I get on stage, I’m right at home.

So, at the tender age of @#%, I’m finally ready to take my first steps into the world of music. No sense writing songs for the world and not recording or performing them.

This collection of songs is both old and new. It was tough to choose which ones to put on the cd. I do however have a lot more from the old days and a lot more new ones to record. So you haven’t heard the last of me. “Country Mama” and “Pete the Barber” were both written in 1975. The rest were written somewhere between then and 2007.

Some say I procrastinate. I say I’m methodical.


Mooneys Bay Bistro

731 Ridgewood Avenue



The Branch Restaurant

15 Clothier Street East